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Elevating consciousness through rituals in motion that bring long-lasting health, well-being and happiness

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If like many others today, your business is facing
retention, recruitment, absenteeism, motivation or the
question of how to remobilize the teams back in the office after a long period of telework?


We can help you!


We offer a simple, effective and humane solution to strengthen your communication, your corporate culture and the productivity of your employees.


Our Wellness Days improve the health, well-being and quality of life of your team through our three complementary services developed on the principle of “a healthy mind in a healthy body“.

Our Retreats

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Unlock Your Full Potential Thanks To Our RETREATS

Do you want to rediscover yourself with a new holistic approach to care?  Are you looking for the perfect nourishing space & environment to develop?  Do you want to connect & be part of a community of likeminded loving people?  

Do you want to acquire new skills & knowlegde for yourself, your loved ones and friends?

Or maybe you would like to redirect your professional career towards helping other people’s health & wellbeing?

Our Quality Massages:


Thaï Yoga Massage

 Full body massage based on acupressure, stretching, joint mobilization, and assisted yoga postures. In a calm, benevolent and meditative atmosphere, this massage relaxes and releases physical, nervous and emotional tensions throughout the body to bring you fluidity and serenity.


Chair Massage

The seated “Amma” massage has its origins in the principles of traditional Japanese medicine. It means “to calm by touch”. One of the objectives of massage is to distribute vital energy and eliminate energy blockages. It reduces stress and combats musculoskeletal disorders due, among other things, to poor posture at work.


Individual Aquatic Massage

Massage that explores and connects with water to increase body awareness and the sense of wholeness & ‘zero gravity’. It is a continuous dance flow in a timeless space held in the depth of the silent waters. 

Why Conscious Motions?

Take back control of your body and mind to evolve towards your full potential



Develop self-knowledge, leading to a more balanced and fulfilled life

Live the present moment in consciousness with gratefulness

Live every day in a blissful and ecstatic state of being

About me

My Name is Benjamin, I’m the founder and CEO of Conscious Motions

I am  a Massage Practitioner, Teacher and Retreat facilitator.

I had my consciousness spark at a very young age during a silent meditation retreat in a Buddhist temple in Thailand. It is in this favorable environment, by reconnecting to myself, that I became aware of my reason of being and the flame that animates me. Caring for and serving others by helping them live healthier, more balanced and harmonious lives by reconnecting with their body and mind.

Since then, I’ve been learning, training and developing myself in several holistic therapies. After a journey and experience of more than 7 years in well-being and thanks to the influence of incredible encounters with inspiring masters across Asia. I share today in the Val d’Argent and in Belgium all the treatments, practices, wisdom and knowledge that have been taught to me over the years in joy, connection and presence.

Want to know more about me or have a specific question about my services?


Two weeks ago I received defenitely one of the best massages I’ve ever had. Thank you so much Ben, you have magic hands! I can hardly wait untill the next treatment. See you soon.

Carollyne Tjong Ayong

Ben’s hands are magical. He give me the best massage I’ve ever receive in my life. He’s dedicated, passioned and super calm in the process.

Thank you so much for such an amazing experience, I can’t wait to see you again brother.

Alejandro Severini

Excellent massage Thaï yoga! Love it!

Ingrid Beauve

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