Are you looking for a solution that would bring well-being at work, favorable to the happiness of your employees while

improving their performance?

Ill-being at work is too widespread (1) and represents a significant cost to the company (2) in addition to creating internal and external problems that are complex to solve.

(1): 41% of employees are in a situation of psychological distress, including a third in burnout. Source: Focus RH, “One in ten employees in severe burnout”, 2022. (2): According to the INRS in its document “INRSstress.pdf”, a study carried out with work medicine, the social cost of direct stress and indirect, is estimated between 2 and 3 billion euros.

Why organize Wellness Days with us?


“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.”
Richard Bronson

Increase your productivity

The health, well-being and happiness of your team directly impacts performance through reduced absenteeism and employee turnover. Thanks to our reinforced support, we ensure the general condition of each of your employees and optimize their performance.

Offer the best to your employees

We collaborate in each field with several recognized independent profiles who are certified, experienced and trained by us.

Strengthen your corporate image and company culture

By offering a quality service like ours, you strengthen your image and your corporate culture, which will increase the trust that your employees place in you. This will facilitate your recruitment and increase your retention.

Take care and (re)connect your people

Show your appreciation for the commitment of your staff, despite the difficult situation we are experiencing today, by offering them preventive care for psycho-physical health risks and by (re)connecting them around common activities that improves their team cohesion.


Save time

We offer an all-inclusive package, from the process to follow for inviting your employees, the general analysis of their physical and mental health, to individual on-site care, to the follow-up after the sessions. All this, in all simplicity, without changing anything in your infrastructure and functioning. 

Be Motivated, inspired and inspiring

Thanks to our unique and innovative Wellness Days, your teams will be motivated, inspired and invigorated, which will stimulate their creativity and potential.

How to organise wellness days?



1. We meet during an exploratory meeting by videoconference. You explain your needs to us and together we evaluate how to meet them. Our advice is based on our experience with companies like yours.

2. Together, we adapt our solution to your needs. We take care of the organization from A to Z and we can also advise you on your context and your priorities.

3. We intervene on site with our team for the number of well-being days agreed together. Thus, each of your employees discover and participate in our 3 complementary activities (PSiO, Massage and Yoga).

4. Following the study of the data collected by us during these days, we will send you an OFFERED anonymous analysis of the state of physical and mental health of your entire team.

5. You choose the ideal recurrence and we offer quality follow-up and support over the medium or long term, in order to guarantee you the best result for your business.

Our solution for well-being at work based

on 3 types of services:

PSiO light therapy sessions of

35 Minutes:


PSiO light therapy is a true companion of the mind, accessible to all. It allows, among other things, to reveal and stimulate new capacities and behaviors with a view to better well-being and optimized energy levels.

This technology combination of relaxation and light therapy regenerates your recovery by inducing Alpha brain waves similar to those emitted during a regular meditation practice, in order to benefit from the same benefits.

PSiO, what is it exactly?

PSiO are high-tech glasses developed in Belgium. They combine light therapy, thanks to stimulation by pulsed light and relaxation by voice accompanied by music. It is a technology that has been proven effective for more than 20 years in the field of health, for the purpose of relaxation and improvement of mood and energy levels.

  • PSiO technology offers you an innovative, simple and effective solution to regain your well-being.
  • Depending on the time of day and your needs, the sessions are adapted in terms of rhythm, colors and eventually relaxing messages.
PSiO, how does it work?

The sessions regulate the homeostasis (capacity of the organism to maintain the balance of the constants of its internal environment, whatever the external constraints) and the melatonin (sleep hormone) of the body.

The PSiO works on 3 main axes :

  • Pulsed light, which compensates for the lack of natural light to improve morale, energy and good mood to avoid seasonal depression (with the most effective wavelengths: blue 470nm, red 625nm and green 528nm). They allow to stop the thoughts thanks to flashing on certain rhythms which progressively deconcentrate the user and lead him/her little by little into deep relaxation.
  • Sophrology, depending on the program chosen, reveals and stimulates the person’s ability to relax, to let go, to manage stress, to concentrate, to manage emotions, to memorize, to be positive, to project oneself, to create, to surpass oneself and many other things…
  • Suggestion / Hypnosis, through an attentional game involving the imagination, allows to revisit reality and the way the person perceives it. This has the effect of diminishing the importance of the symptoms of a certain number of pathologies, and of developing new behaviors in the individual, allowing him or her to put the reason for a suffering at a distance, and even, in certain cases, to resolve it. Hypnosis allows a person to take care of him or herself and to develop new behavioral dispositions to do so.
Efficiency guaranties & qualifications :

For more than 20 years, PSiO technology has been used with great success in hospitals to manage stress in local anesthesiology, recovery rooms and sleep laboratories.

NASA recently purchased PSiO to test its effectiveness in regulating jet lag and managing astronaut stress. To learn more about the clinical experience, scientific studies on light stimulation and the relaxing effect induced by PSiO, click here.

PSiO is certified CE and FCC (no emission of electromagnetic waves).

Amma chair massage sessions of

20 Minutes:

The “Amma” chair massage has its origins in the principles of traditional Japanese medicine. It means “to calm by touch“. 

This particular type of massage is recongnized as very popular in the workplace to reduce stress and combat musculoskeletal disorders caused, among other things, by poor posture at work.

All massages are given by certified massage therapists, experienced and recognized for their care in their own massage and well-being activity.

Why should you choose a chair massage?

At work, stress is a phenomenon that increases the rate of absenteeism and lack of productivity. As a result, many companies choose to remedy this with seated massage. This practice is very widespread in the professional environment because it is the most adapted to such a context. First, the seated massage requires very little space. Indeed, 4 m² will be enough to install the ergonomic chair and ensure the session. In addition, it is a quick practice, which does not take much time and is very effective!


How is the seated massage protocol carried out?

Practiced in twenty-minute sessions dressed on a professional ergonomic chair, the seated massage covers 148 specific points located along the meridians, muscles and joints. Different hand, thumb and elbow techniques are used to perform energy sweeps, stretches, pressures and percussion. The different types of percussion add an auditory and vibratory dimension to the massage. Chest compressions allow the recipient to better feel their breath. They also help loosen and stimulate the muscles around the spine.
All massages are given by certified masseurs, experienced and recognized for their care in their own massage and well-being activity.

What are the benefits of a chair massage?

Seated massage consists of completely relaxing your body physically and mentally.

This practice has benefits that are well established. Beyond the simple pleasure provided, the massage offers a lot of advantages and benefits. In prevention, it helps prevent diseases and dysfunctions and maintain a good state of health. In addition, the maneuvers stimulate the hypothalamus, which secretes hormones of well-being and pleasure, such as oxytocin. In addition to being revitalizing, it helps to achieve a state of relaxation and inner well-being.

Yoga class, soft and/or dynamic

one hour:

A certified and experienced instructor intervenes to offer an integral Yoga, which integrates the body and its health, the breath, the mind, but also the emotional discharge. The practice of Yoga is a pleasant moment which creates bonds in the work teams, in a mode of benevolence and mutual aid.

Up to 12 participants, in order to be able to adapt to each individual and offer quality support.

Our soft Yoga classes:

This course is designed for the afternoon and the end of the day. It is suitable for people with physical limitations such as injuries, stiffness or special medical conditions. It begins with a moment of anchoring and guided meditation, followed by some breathing exercises. This is followed by a series of more or less passive postures, performed in a slow, breathy, letting-go manner. Participants will also learn a few simple exercises to repeat at the office. The session ends with a long relaxation to the sound of Tibetan bowls.

Our dynamic Yoga classes:

The session begins with a warm-up, followed by practices of Sun Salutations. This is followed by a series of classical yoga postures specially combined to strengthen, soften and relax the body. This class ends with a guided relaxation. This joyful and sunny moment will boost your team’s energy just before the lunch break, in order to continue the day efficiently. 

Our services help your employees to:

Regain energy and overall better mood

Have a better presence, a liberated breathing, a softened, relaxed and tonic body

Overcome mental fatigue and depression

Take back control over their mind and live to their full potential

Overcome chronic fatigue and sleep peacefully

Develop self-knowledge, leading to a more balanced and fulfilled life

They have felt the benefits of our wellness days:

A session is worth a thousand words…
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