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Thaï Yoga Massage 



Extra 30 min = 30€

Thai Yoga Bodywork / Massage is a complete massage that will treat your entire body by deeply relaxing and releasing your tensions. Full body massage based on acupressure points, stretching, articulation and assisted yoga poses that relaxes and relieves tensions in the entire body. In a calm and meditative atmosphere I am attentive and in contact with your body to bring you fluidity and a feeling of peaceful stillness to your mind. 

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Thaï Yoga Massage with a personalized support

Special package:

3 Sessions of 2 hours within 3 Months

€398   (€435)

Personalized support adapted to your needs over 3 consecutive sessions which allow you to feel the lasting benefits of Thai massage in your daily life.

– The sessions are to be received within a period of maximum 3 months starting from the purchase date of the offer. –


What To Expect From A Thaï Massage?

The Massage is performed on a tatami mat placed on the ground, on a person dressed in loose and comfortable clothes. Its specificity is the accu pressure, stretching, articulation and yoga postures carried out by me using different parts of my body (thumbs, hands, fingers, elbows and feet). 

It’s a bit like “getting yoga done”.

In a calm and meditative atmosphere, I am attentive and in contact with your body to bring you benevolence, fluidity and a feeling of calm to your mind.

The origine and philosophy behind this massage?

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, better known as Nuad Bo Ran – Ancient Healing – is a massage dating back over 2,500 years inspired by ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.
It was developed and then popularized by Hermit monks considered as the doctors of Buddha. Today, the temple Wat Pho, located in Bangkok, is considered the birthplace of massage.

This massage consists of working on the ‘Sen’ – energy points (similar to Chinese Medicine Meridians) which are channels through which the vital energy of the body circulates to unblock energy stagnation. 


Relieves & relaxes the whole body


Regulates sleep & restores your energy


Re-harmonizes the major functions of your body by eliminating toxins


Boosts the immune system


Sooths your body & mind

Individual Chair Massage



The seated massage has its origins in the principles of traditional Japanese medicine. It means “to calm by touch”. Very popular in the workplace for reducing stress and combating musculoskeletal disorders caused by poor posture at work.

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Why Should You Choose For A Seated Massage?

At work, stress is a phenomenon that increases the rate of absenteeism and the lack of productivity. As a result, many companies choose to remedy this with seated massage. This practice is very widespread in the professional environment because it is the most adapted to such a context. First, the seated massage requires a tiny bit of space. Indeed, 4 m² will be sufficient to install the ergonomic chair and ensure the session. In addition, it is a very quick practice and does not take a lot of time. Between 20 to 50 minutes will be sufficient to carry out the sitting massage session.

Best of all: If you decide to offer massage sessions to your employees or collaborators, the effects will be immediate. Indeed, employees will feel a general and immediate relaxation. Thus, they will be more motivated and fulfilled. In addition, they will be more focused and with better presence of mind.


How Is The Seated Massage Protocol Carried out?

Seated massage involves completely relaxing your body both physically and mentally. I mainly concentrate my efforts on the back, hips, arms, hands, neck and shoulders by traversing the meridians. Subsequently, I move on to a dynamic phase which aims to help regain energy and release stress and tension. Installed on an ergonomic chair while being dressed, you will enjoy twenty minutes or more of pure happiness. A space of 4 m² will be sufficient for this session.


Improves Productivity


Improves Mood


Improves Quality of Sleep

Individual Aquatic Massage


€115 + price of wellness entry

Aquatic massage in hot water wellness: Massage that explores and connects with water to increase body awareness and the sense of wholeness & ‘zero gravity’. It is a continuous dance flow in a timeless space in the depth of silence.


What To Expect From An Aquatic Massage Session:

Immersed in the water the physical and electromagnetic body are covered, creating a balanced fusion from the most remote cell to the further expansion of our energy. We get in touch with a deep and full breath, release, lightness, fluidity and ease.

Some people live an aquatic massage as a rebirth, others have the feeling of being held in their mother’s hands. I would recommend you to come live this experience without any expectations. This will allow you to live this unique moment to its fullest.

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