Our PSiO Sessions:

A PSiO session would be the perfect complement to enhance the benefits & receptivity of your massage session 

PSiO Individual Session

30 min

These glasses consists of a MP3 device combining luminotherapy and relaxation through voice and music offering an innovative, simple and effective solution to restore your well-being.

The PSiO makes it possible to:                                                                    Recover quickly, fall asleep easily, sleep better, regain a good mood, fight against states of chronic fatigue and
seasonal depression.

The pulsed light helps stop your thoughts. It’s like a form of “automatic” meditation.

You’ve certainly heard the quote that says : “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Well with this High-Tec device we take care of the mind.


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PSiO Turbo-naps

10 – 20 min

We also offer shorter Psio sessions for people that only have a very limited time available during the day.

They allow a recuperative break in music
while stimulating the mind.

Result: you will be full of energy!

€1 / Min

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Helping You Free Your Mind

What needs does the PSiO meet?

Do you suffer from sleep disorders? Are you tired or even depressed at times?


PSiO technology offers you an innovative, simple and effective solution to regain your well-being.


Depending on the time of day and your needs, the sessions are adapted in terms of rhythm, colors and eventually relaxing messages.


Overcome chronic fatigue and sleep serenely


Overcome Intellectual overwork


Regain good mood & overcome depression


Efficiency Guaranties & Qualifications:

For more than 20 years, PSiO technology has been used with great success in hospitals to manage stress in local anesthesiology, recovery rooms and sleep laboratories.

NASA recently purchased PSiO to test its effectiveness in regulating jet lag and managing astronaut stress. To learn more about the clinical experience, scientific studies on light stimulation and the relaxing effect induced by PSiO, click here.

PSiO is certified CE and FCC (no emission of electromagnetic waves).

The combination Of Techniques Operates A Synergy:


Ps: Pulsed lights helps to stop the thought process thanks to blinkings on some rythms that progressively distracts the user & drives him little by little in a deep relaxation.

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